2020 Online Exhibition: Quantum Leap

CADA is pleased to announce the Open Call for the 2020 online exhibition Quantum Leap - a group show on CADA's homepage. 

About the exhibition 

The idea of the exhibition Quantum Leap originally came from a concept in quantum mechanics, Atomic Electron Transition, also known as Quantum Jump. In a microcosm, the changes from state to state appear discontinuous as the electron jumps from one energy level to another, which is like going upstairs. Therefore, electrons need to absorb a certain amount of energy to jump from the ground state to a higher-energy excited state. This process can be described as a qualitative change or mutation. 

In the exhibition, we will visualize and use artistic language to discuss and display diverse qualitative changes in our daily life, the macrocosm. First of all, the term mutation here is neither complimentary nor derogatory. It does not mean a sharp turn for the worse, just as higher state does not mean a better state. In the exhibition, perhaps we will see artists just showing the process of the changes rather than the result. We may see artists expressing their own emotional changes rather than the physical changes in an object. However, showing the result of the changes is an important storyline of the exhibition. We are eager to see how artists innovate within their artworks after facing mutations in life because we all know that discovering something new is a great source of creativity. It is obvious that tons of new things will be brought about by the changes. We eagerly anticipate an explosion of creativity by artists due to the changes.

Afterward, for the qualitative change, we may be reminded of Black Swan Incidentshighly unlikely events that actually happen, and bring about a significant chain of impacts or even subversion, which is a form of mutation. The observation and discussion of such events is also a key focus of this exhibition. Since we are all living through a Black Swan Incident right now, we will inevitably explore the COVID-19 pandemic. The art pieces about the pandemic may show individual changes, but it is also within the scope of the exhibition to delve into broader changes in the community. 

The core of Quantum Leap is the movement inherent in the leap itself. The whole story of this exhibition will surround this movement. The curators and artists will use it as the starting point to interpret and present the entire concept in artistic language. 

Curator: Ajuan Song, Kuzma Vostrikov, Yanyan Chen

Kuzma Vostrikov

Kuzma Vostrikov is an artist and filmmaker. Vostrikovs work has been featured in numerous international exhibits and art fairs. He has also earned awards at international film festivals, and his fine art has been published in various photography books and exhibit catalogs. The artists work is found in international collections including the CICA Museum, Korea, The Yokyung Art Museum, Korea, and The Museum of Russian Art, New Jersey.  His work has been featured inBritish Journal of Photography, ArtnetAesthetic, Metal, and Juxtapoz, Numero, the New Current

Ajuan Song

Ajuan Song is known for her innovative practice that includes analog, digital photography, and multimedia works distinguished by an experimental yet lyrical sensibility. Song also collaborates with Kuzma Vostrikov on large-scale film and photography projects that marry conceptual art and painting in an imaginative trajectory. In addition to being featured in international solo and group exhibitions, her work has been featured in a variety of publications including Juxtapoz, Whitehot, Artnet, Lens, andHunger TVBritish Journal of Photography

Yanyan Chen

Yanyan Chen is a Chinese New York-based curator. As an emerging art and cultural professional with a research focus of briding audience experience with cutting edge technology like VR to elevate the modern exhibition experience. She holds a master’s degree in Arts and Cultural Management from Pratt Institute. Some of her previous curatorial experience includes Meet the Spirit (2016) and The Little Things(2015) in Lingnan Art Experiment Space. She was the Curator Assistant for the University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art from September 2014 to May 2016. 

Project Manager: Shaly Guo

About Artwork:

All mediums are accepted but must be able to be digitally represented.

By securing your spot, you are agreeing to:

-Your work will be used to promote the exhibition on our social media, website, Wechat articles, and other marketing platforms.   

How to Apply:

To apply please send the following to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line “online open call”: 

- high-quality files of your work

- title, medium, year created, dimensions

- 250-word Artwork description

- artist resume (must include email address)

- links to the artist website, Instagram, etc.

There is no limit to the number of images an artist can submit. 

Submission Fee: $25 for each artwork

There is no application fee, submission fee only applies to the selected artwork

Exhibition Timeline:

In light of many considerations arising from the severe and prolonged impacts of the COVID-19 on the global community, we received many requests from artists. We have decided to postpone the exhibition  “Quantum Leap” to give artists more time for their artworks. The event will now not take place on December 15, 2020 - January 14, 2021, but on January 30 - February 27, 2021.


Email: info@uscada.org

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