CADA provides unrestricted grants of $10,000+ to our member artist/designer through various creative contests each year. The funds can be used in any manner the artists/designers deem necessary to further their careers.


- "Against COVID-19" Global Call for Public Welfare painting and graphic design contest:

is a $2,600 total cash grant open to designers & artists based in the United States.A sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus COVID-19 Global spread from Wuhan to China and even the world.At this critical moment, we launched an open call for publicity and design campaign.Let us join hands with designers, illustrators, and artists who are willing to contribute to welfare, and create the public welfare design works that best reflect the current scientific prevention and control of infection and the spirit of fighting against the epidemic. 


- The outstanding women’s entrepreneurship Award:

This Award supports artistic, multi-disciplinary team collaborations and artist-driven projects that expand awareness of issues affecting society-at-large, and considers award-planning funds to develop new technology, research, Fashion, and art. Applications are by-invitation-only.


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