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All The Artists, Director Shaly Guo, Curator Jingru Li, with PIS Global Culture Team | Photo by PIS team

NEW YORK, NY – September 20, 2019 – PIS Global Culture Inc.(PIS), a non-profit organization devoted to promoting young talents among the international art scene, presents new pop-up exhibition at 415 Broadway from September 14 to 15. PIS Founder-Hillary Wang and Karen supported this event as the executive producers. On the event, PIS officially announced the establishment of Council of Asian Designers of America (CADA) to grow a sustainable fashion and arts ecosystem that connects diverse communities through convening events in the interest of economic stimulus, personal empowerment, and cultural preservatio

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PIS Slow Design Pop Up | poster by ShalyGuo

Titled Slow Design, the exhibition is intended to raise awareness of the creativity latent in people’s day-to-day life and elevates the importance of developing ideas in the process of design and artmaking. 


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Designer Bingyao Cheng, Artist Weina Li and Designer Sang Li | Photo by Sihan Wang

The exhibition features the works of twenty-two aspiring artists specializing in various forms of art, including fashion and jewelry design, fashion photography, fine art and ceramics, sculpture, and installation art. Most of the artists come from international backgrounds, hence the unique perspective they have taken on to engage in the pressing issues in the contemporary world


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Curator Jingru LI gave a speech in Opening of the Exhibition | Photo by Ford

The exhibition is organized by Shaly Guo (, a New York based fashion designer who has years of experience in the fashion and art industry, and curated by Jingru Li, an independent curator who has worked with many top-tier institutions and international artists.

The two-day pop-up exhibition gives a great opportunity to showcase emerging young talents in New York and makes a remarkable contribution to the vibrant downtown art scene. 


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Panel Talk | Photo by Ford

The exhibition included Panel talk and workshops sections. Susanna Moyer-Design leader and professor of Parsons, Richard Zhao-Board member of PIS/VP of global sourcing and production of Itochu Prominent of USA, Vena Li-Tory Burch’s handbag designer, Louisa Lama- Founder of New York her, Mona Maine DeBiran-Founder of Kierin, and Shannon King-Founder of Cat+King, as speakers provided a great panel talk to deeply talked about “SLOW design” related to their day to day works and changed lifestyles.


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Panel Talk | Photo by Sihan Wang

A great amount of works showcased in Slow Design originates from the context of fashion. Exhibited fashion designers, including Mengyao Zhang, Sang Li, Xueqi He ( and Jingyi Yue shown their diversity ideas through their collections. 


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Designer Emma Huang, Artist Jingyi Yue and Designer Bingyao Cheng | Photo by Sihan Wang

Bingyao Cheng’s collection was based on a unique waving technique and a combination of leather, satin, organza and stretched jersey to demonstrate a new style leather garment. In 2019, she started her own brand “Bingyao studio” as an entrepreneur. 

Bingyao also introduced how to create garments and purses from leather in her workshop. Weina Li is a promising new artist who lives and works in New York City. In her Don’t be ashamed of love project, Weina builds a luxuriant scene to eulogize forms of love that are mostly unaccepted by the mainstream social value.


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Artist Xu Yuan, Designer Xiaowu Zheng and Photographer Yongqi Liu | Photo by Lin Guo

XiaoWu Zheng ( who focusing on combining new media with his fashion design. He also gave a speech about his 3D fashion collection project. Emma Huang’s ( Chinese Goddess evening wear collection explores an ancient Chinese myth that exudes both fantasy and darkness. The four goddesses include Mother of Dragons, Goddess of the Moon, Birds, and Oceans, all of which will make women feel mysteriously powerful. Each goddess is represented through the use of textured fabrics, hand beading, and complex structures. 


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Artist works | Photo by Sihan Wang

Yao Huang ( as a jewlery designer, seeks to explore the medium of contemporary jewelry as a continuum of concepts expanding beyond personal adornment. Diane Barthélemy’s ( hand-painted apparels emphasize the vibrancy of the three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. The primary colors have the aptitude to transform into every color, but she deliberately renders them in their raw state, symbolizing the raw energies she expressed in her work. 


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Artist Diane Barthelemy, Artist Nandan He, Artist AMIS with Guests | Photo by Sihan Wang

Fangyu Liu, who grew up in a coastal city in China, produces Mood of Ocean to investigate the urgent environmental issue that is concerning everywhere in the world right now. She intends to share her desire of protecting the ocean through her predominantly blue-and-red design, whose pure, natural color blue is changing as pollution accumulates. Meanwhile, the red symbolizes anger, but at the same time represents a strong desire to survive, to heal, and to thrive again. Each look and shape were formed based on the quality of each kind of yarn. 


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AMIS Painting Workshop | Photo by Sihan Wang

Yuan Xu’s ( work titled The Chaos tries to express the complex and abstract relationship between the human body and the environment through various weaving and crafting techniques. She raises the question of what do people experience in their deepest memory. The Shelter series is the latest work by Liying Zhang ( She aims to create habitat-like sculptures that have never been seen. It shows a sense of insecurity toward the surrounding and society around us. The sculptures can be seen as a surrealistic miniature building in an ideal form in the artist’s imagination. 


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Designer Yao Huang with Guests | Photo by Lin Guo

Yongqi Liu (, a photographer who has been practicing for ten years as well as a percussion instrument performer, utilizes photography to combine the different elements from Western and Eastern culture. 

Other artists also engage in similarly profound dialogue through different mediums. Decheng Cui‘s artist book based on Josef Albers’ work and make further research by focusing on optical mixture phenomena. A part of his artbook shown is his own experiment, and another part is recreated Interaction of Color by optical mixture technology. (


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Artist Liying Zhang with Mark Bloch | Photo by Sihan Wang

Inspired by her travels in New Mexico, Shengjie Dai combines the shape of human bodies and that of natural landscape in order to explore the provocative relationship between the two. As a painter who also has passion in theatrical lighting design, she experimentally combines oil paintings and digital media to create a unique emotional experience. AMIS’s unified body of work is imbued with deeper implications by using the shoe as a metaphor for the individual. The shoe represents the individuality of the wearer, and references issues of choice, desire, consumption, and pleasure. (


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Designer Xueqi He, Sang Li & Artist Dandi Gu | Photo by Lin Guo

Nandan Sam He’s installation Box Inside My Head literally demonstrates the limited space of the brain while extensive information fills in every day. The artist creates an intimacy space that explore the rawness of a contemporary self and reveals an irrational order of a hyper normalized wonderland. Jiayu Shen’s prints of human faces reflect her idea that Human beings have no function called objective observation; we all see things in the way we want to see. 


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Designer Mengyao Zhang with Her Guests | Photo by Ford

The unreliability of memory represents the subjectivity of the self. Dandi Gu’s Massage Cards explores the gray area that is the under-world of call girls. She bodly takes on this uncomfortable topic to explore “the taboo” humorously. Yiqing Tang’s illustration highlights the imaginative fiction that derives from her personal travels. Her work is a story about a competition between a dragon fruit and a kiwi fruit after encountering the magical seeds. Yenan Feng’s paintings are showed her colorful childhood imaginations.


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Panel talk guest (Mona Maine De Biran, Shannon King, Richard Zhao, Susanna Moyer, Stephane) | Photo by Ford



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